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Just Bee Carefree Lip Balm

Just Bee Carefree Lip Balm

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Ben and Sarah Mitzelfelt, the husband and wife/founders of Just Bee and Uncle Pappy's Lappy Lips have a great story: They founded Just Bee in 2011 a year after Ben, following in the footsteps of his great-grandfather, started bee-keeping. After his first season, Sarah used our beeswax and other organic ingredients to make our first product - the Just Bee lip balm. Experimenting and perfecting the formulations, Sarah found a unique blend that was thicker and more protective than other lip balms on the market. After sharing our creations with our family and friends, we started selling our lip balms in small, local businesses. The brand has steadily grown since then. The Just Bee line now includes our signature lip products, as well, as other bee-infused beauty products. Just Bee products are designed to deliver outstanding results while utilizing the highest quality of natural ingredients. They are high performance, clean, cruelty-free and bee-friendly. From the inception of Just Bee, they have dedicated to producing 100% naturally high-quality products that nourish and protect your skin. All Just Bee products are thoughtfully crafted in small batches to ensure you receive only the best nature has to offer. In 2017, realizing that there were no natural lip balms created especially for kids, they developed Uncle Pappy’s Lappy Lips with our young daughters, Emsley and Lulu. Lappy Lips is the only lip balm on the market that is designed for, and partially by, children.

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