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Wax Apothecary Night-Blooming Jasmine 4oz. Candle


Out of stock!

Just in! Beautiful night-blooming jasmine candle by Wax Apothecary Company! Jasmine calms the mind, eases stress and tension and relaxes the body - Includes cloche bell Jar and wood slice coaster - Beautiful product and wonderful candle - Includes Wood - 4 oz. vegan candle is handmade with pure 100% plant-based wax & blended with dried lavender blossoms. Cotton wick is used for clean burning & wax is natural white color and NO color dye is added. All of our candles are Phthalate free - 2.5" Diameter x 1.75" Height - Burn time: 19 Hours +

  • Candle Only
  • w/ Cloche Jar

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