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SEEKING BALANCE 6.5 OZ Cedar Verbena - Enlighten

SEEKING BALANCE 6.5 OZ Cedar Verbena - Enlighten

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ALL-NATURAL MADE IN THE USA: Glass candle with an all-natural beeswax blend proudly made in Medina, Ohio CREATE A SANCTUARY OF RELAXATION: Each votive burns up to 65 hours and turns any small space into your own private spa experience ENLIGHTEN: Stimulate your creativity and create an environment for learning using the essential oils of cedar and verbena along with the stimulating color of yellow to create intellectual strength ALL-NATURAL & SUSTAINABLE: The subtle phlox hue is created with an all-natural vegetable based dye and has a sustainable wooden wick for a comforting crackle SEEKING BALANCE: Combining the science of aromatherapy with color therapy, this line of candles is offered in twelve amazing benefits

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