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Limited Batch Goods "Green Dragonfly" Lavender Neck Wrap


Out of stock!

Soothe achy muscles or simply relax and unwind with a neck wrap! Exact pattern and placement vary. Colors may differ slightly from what you see on your screen.
100% cotton flannel filled with rice + dried lavender. Fabric is limited. Please keep in mind that rice does have a natural scent to it.
• Use warm or cold
• Microwave in 30 second increments for up to two minutes or store in a bag in freezer
• Do not overheat
• Spot clean only if needed
While sectioned neck wraps tend to be rigid/stiff, our uniform design allows you to form the wrap to your body and gives you control as to where the heat/cold is distributed. Use on neck, back, shoulders, knees, stomach, and more!
Approx size: 20"x5"x1.25"
Approx weight: 2lb. 10oz.

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