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Mist & Sea - Amethyst

Mist & Sea - Amethyst "Intuition" Crystal with Live Air Plant

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Amethyst represents listening to your intuition, releasing fear, and embracing a calm mind. This piece is a reminder that you are safe trusting the knowledge inside of you, to let fear go, to sit in silence so that the subtle yet powerful voice of your own intuition can be heard.
Product features:
✦1 - 2 inch Live Air Plant (Tillandsia Ionantha)
✦1 - 2 inch Amethyst Crystal (select size)
✦Crystal Meaning Card
Air Plant Care:
✦Dunk the air plant in water or mist thoroughly 1 - 2x per week
✦Dry in a space with good air flow
✦Air plants like bright indirect sunlight, or bright indoor lighting

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