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My Spaghetti Shirt

My Spaghetti Shirt

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What is this? A fine question. My Spaghetti Shirt is an idea that came out of the mind of a then 42-year-old accompanied by his sidekick, a then 3-year-old.
It’s the story of a messy eater who, in an attempt to eat spaghetti, often missed their mouth. The 3-year-old had trouble as well.
Introducing, MY SPAGHETTI SHIRT. The T-Shirt features HobbyMC’s favorite toddler: Murdoch! Murdoch is eating his bowl of spaghetti and as one can clearly see, he’s making a mess that can not be contained! Those stains won’t wash out and when your little one makes a mess it’ll be ok too because they’ll just be adding to the art!
The Tee comes in Sizes 3T, 5/6 and 7 and is available in Yellow and White.

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